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Expat Cost of Living in Beijing

If a Big Mac costs a dollar fifty, how can the expat cost of living in Beijing be so high? Big ticket items such as housing and school fees add weight to the cost of living for expats in Beijing. Here's a good rule of thumb when assessing Beijing cost of living. If the product or service is produced in China with Chinese components, it's relatively cheap. If it's imported, it's expensive. So an international school in Beijing with expatriate teachers costs a lot while a maid's salary is affordable for expats. To get an idea of the cost of living for an expat in Beijing, read this list:

Fees at Expat Schools in Beijing

School (Private International) = RMB200,000/year
Kindergarten (Private International) = RMB120,000/year
Kindergarten (Private Chinese) = RMB20,000/year
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Rent at Expat Housing

House - 4 bedroom - luxury Grand Hills = RMB52,000-60,000/month
House - 4 bedroom - mid-tier Dragon Bay Villas = RMB36,000-40,000/month
Apartment - 3 bedroom - luxury serviced Embassy House = RMB50,000-60,000/month
Apartment - 3 bedroom - luxury Park Avenue = RMB26,000-34,000/month
Apartment - 2 bedroom - luxury Central Park = RMB18,000-25,000/month
Apartment - 2 bedroom - mid-tier Blue Castle = RMB10,000-12,000/month

Medical Expenses at Private Expat Hospital

Consultation with a GP or Specialist = RMB600
Birth = RMB150,000
Dentist check-up = RMB600
Dentist filling = RMB1,000
Insurance - inpatient coverage incl. medivac = RMB25,000/year
Insurance - inpatient and outpatient coverage incl. medivac = RMB50,000/year
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Transport Costs

VW Passat with registration and 1 year 3rd party insurance = RMB200,000
Buick Minivan with registration and 1 year 3rd party insurance = RMB350,000
Leased VW Passat with driver excl. gasoline = RMB10,000/month
Leased Buick Minivan with driver excl. gasoline = RMB13,000/month
Gasoline/Petrol = RMB4/liter
Subway ticket = RMB2
Taxi = RMB2/km
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Utility Costs in Beijing

Electricity= RMB0.50/KwH
Water - Cold= RMB3.70/MT
RMB - Hot= 13.00/MT
Natural Gas: RMB2.15/m3
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Groceries at Beijing Expat Supermarket (unless otherwise noted)

Milk (1L) = RMB12
Milk Organic (0.5L) = RMB15
Cheese - Edam (1kg) = RMB30
Minced Beef (1kg) = RMB35
Minced Pork (1kg) = RMB30
Salmon (1kg) = RMB70
Salmon (1kg) from wholesale market = RMB50
Apples (1kg) = RMB5
Apples (1kg) from street vendor = RMB3
Tomatos (1kg) = RMB5
Tomatos (1kg) from street vendor = RMB3
Mineral Water - Chinese brand (1.5L) = RMB10
Mineral Water - Evian (1.5L) = RMB25
Coca Cola (500ml can) = RMB2
Carlsberg (500ml can) = RMB10
Tsingtao (500ml can) = RMB6
Diapers (25pcs) = RMB120
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Dining Out in Beijing

Steak at TGIF = RMB95
Steak at 5 star hotel = RMB200
Brunch buffet at 5 star hotel = RMB200
Dimsum buffet at 5 star hotel = RMB1206
Pizza 15" = RMB60
Big Mac = RMB20
Bowl of noodles at 5 star hotel = RMB100
Bowl of noodles in restaurant = RMB60
Bowl of noodles from street vendor = RMB8

Maid's Salary (also known as Ayi's)

Full Time - 6 days/week - basic English = RMB3,500
Full Time - 6 days/week - no English = RMB2,500
Part Time - 4hours, 3 days/week - no English = RM1,000
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Note: The above prices are meant as an indication of the cost of living for expats in Beijing. An expat's actual Beijing cost of living may vary depending on expenses incurred.

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