Move in day

We're there when you move into your new home. Just tell us what time you'd like to start. Here's what we'll be doing:


  • Together with the landlord, with a document called the Handover List, we do an inventory check of all keys, furniture, appliances, instruction manuals, access passwords and smart cards.
  • Any existing damages are noted here. When done, both you and the landlord sign two copies of the Handover List, one for each.


  • We show you how water, electricity, gas and heating works. We also show you how to pay the bills.
  • Current meter readings are noted in the Handover List.


Together with you, we do a test run of the stove, dishwasher, washing machine and clothes dryer.


We show you how the air-conditioning and heating works.

Telephone and internet

Will be pre-installed, but if the subscriptions are to be in your name, we help you register the accounts.


  • We help you register at the property management office and the local police station.
  • Registration with the police is required by law and is also the first step in getting your Chinese your residence permit.
  • We help you register at the club house or gym.

The handover takes about 2 hours at an apartment and about 4 hours at a house.

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