Office Move Checklist

On selecting new office

  • Choose the move-in day.
  • Give notice to your current landlord.
  • Select and schedule with a mover.
  • Select firm to design (including space planning) and fit-out your new office.
  • Select a firm to remove existing fit-outs in old office to original bare-shell condition (if required in lease).
  • Order furnishings (may be handled by design firm).
  • Assess new IT requirements. Select a firm to transfer and install your IT systems (including networking and wiring).
  • Assess new phone system requirements. Select a firm to install your phone systems.
  • Select insurer for new office.

On signing Tenancy Agreement

  • Print new or re-label stationery, and adjust marketing materials.
  • Order new business cards and other print materials.
  • Order signage, keys and access cards from management at new office.
  • Order phone lines and internet access.
  • Notify bank, post office and courier firms.
  • Reserve new parking spaces.

Before the move

  • Install phone system.
  • Assign new numbers and extensions.
  • Create inventory of existing IT hardware and furnishings.
  • Label all items to be disposed.
  • Contact charities who may want furnishings and IT hardware to be disposed.
  • Update website with new information, including location map.
  • Hold move planning meeting with staff.
  • Label furnishings and hardware.
  • Provide labeled boxes for staff to pack personal items.
  • Distribute new keys and cards. Collect old ones.
  • Notify management at old office on moving day to ensure mover's departure permission and access to cargo elevators and loading ramps.
  • Notify management at new office on moving day to ensure mover's entry permission and access to cargo elevators and loading ramps.
  • Using new office layout plan, inform movers of where each labeled box and furnishing is to be placed.
  • Install signage at new office.
  • Remove signage at old office.

Move-in day

  • Label new office address on your old office door. Remove signage.
  • To assist movers label new office space areas to match office layout plan given earlier.
  • Take photos of condition of old office space.
  • Move plants.

After move-in

  • Return old keys and cards to old office management.
  • Pay all outstanding utility and communication bills and request security deposit return.
  • Visit old office regularly to collect mail.

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