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Beijing's office towers are in 3 main where clusters. The largest Beijing office cluster is in Chaoyang and stretches from the CBD along the East 3rd Ring to Sanyuan Qiao. It includes Sanlitun and Chaoyang Park. Many of Beijing's foreign companies are here. There's high-end commercial property like China World and Kerry Centre, and also more affordable office space for rent.

There's a second smaller Beijing office cluster to the northwest of the city in Haidian, Beijing's university district. Office tenants here tend to be R&D oriented. Commercial real estate for lease in Haidian is mostly mid-tier. Rents here are more affordable than in Beijing's CBD. A third cluster is at Financial Street to the west of Tiananmen. It's banks and financial services firms who choose to lease office space in this area. Commercial real estate for lease here is both mid-tier with a few high-end properties.

There's also office space along Beijing's East 2nd Ring road. This area is more popular with state owned enterprises. Wangjing to the northeast, on the way to Beijing airport has . Offices here are a mix of low to mid-tier office space and a few dedicated office buildings. Ericsson, Motorola and Siemens have their own buildings in Wangjing.

Most office space in Chaoyang is within 200m of a subway station. Haidian only has a few subway stations, but more lines will soon put it's office towers within a stroll of a station. There's a subway station to the south and north of Financial Street. Although Wangjing is within easy reach of Beijing Airport and Shunyi's expatriate suburbia, it's poorly served by public transport.

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