Space Planning

This table helps you estimate the amount of space you'll need. The areas are listed in gross square meters. Net areas are typically about 70% of the gross area. Note that some space layouts are more usable than others. For example, a curved wall provides less space efficiency than a straight wall.

Gross Area100 sqm250 sqm500 sqm1,000 sqm1,500 sqm
Net Area 70% efficiency70 sqm175 sqm350 sqm700 sqm1,050 sqm
Open-plan Workstation (5sqm)412255080
Enclosed Office (15sqm)12468
Small Meeting Room (20sqm)11234
Large Meeting Room (30sqm)-1112
Project Room (40sqm)---12
Library (40sqm)---11
Small Pantry (15sqm)--11-
Cafe (30sqm)----1
Common areas15 sqm35 sqm80 sqm175 sqm240 sqm

Note that 1 square meter is 10.76 square feet. So, multiply by 10 for the approximate square feet.

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