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Consider your preferred location, rent budget and number of workstations. Browse to get an idea of what's available. Tell us your requirements and preferences. We'll then create a shortlist of office spaces for you to review.


Inspections are a two-phase process. In the first phase we give you an overview of the buidlings. In the second phase, once you've narrowed down your preferred buildings, we show you all available spaces. We send RFP forms (Request For Proposal) to the properties you're most interested it. When completed, the RFP outlines the lease terms and technical specifications. We evaluate the building systems and analyse the RFP. We then draft a financial analysis that allows you to evaluate the alternatives. During this period you would select an architect to interior design and project manage the fit-out.


Once you've identified a suitable property, we list out your requirements in a Letter of Intent outlining the major terms of the lease. We then start negotiations with the Landlord on your behalf. Armed with an insider's knowledge of the current market and well-honed negotiating skills, we ensure best terms are secured. We then update the financial analysis. At this time, the architect presents you with the design and engineering plans along with a fit-out budget.


When both parties agree to the terms in the Letter of Intent, we draft the Tenancy Agreement and present it to both parties for review. We screen the document to ensure clarity and fairness. On acceptance, both parties sign the Tenancy Agreement.


Liaising closely with the architect's project manager, we ensure fit-out approvals are in place so fit-out works can commence. On completion of the fit out, we conduct a pre-move check to ensure everything is in order. Any faults are outlined in a report. If needed, we schedule a second pre-move check to ensure that all is in order at your move-in. At this stage, furniture is delivered, and IT and security systems are installed. Congratulations on your new office!


Our dedicated support services are there to help you throughout your lease. Prior to moving out, we schedule a hand-over with the Landlord. We assist in arranging repairs and final bill payment to ensure that deposits are refunded in a timely manner.

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