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Our People

Carol Lu, Partner
Having housed expats for over 13 years, Carol understands relocation. She believes training and knowledge sharing is the key to her team's success. Prior to starting Lihong, she worked as an interior designer, and then as a consultant at a global firm. A graduate of Beijing's Institute of Arts and Crafts Carol relaxes with a sketchpad and a 2B pencil.

Allan Tan, Partner
ERP, CRM, UI, UCD, Allan knows his acronyms and ensures the people at Lihong have the best tech tools too. Having grown up on 3 continents, Allan understands relocation. The theories he garnered at Aarhus University are, well, theories.

Cara Chen, Consultant
With a calm demeanour, Cara's a veteran in Beijing real estate. Except for a sabatical back-packing through Yunan and Vietnam, Cara's been housing expats for over 5 years. She may be quiet, but listening carefully allows her to get you the right home.

Sierra Wang, Consultant
When not helping expats find homes, Sierra is to be found at one of Beijing's Latin clubs. Don't let that fool you. She's a persistent hard-nosed negotiator.

Claire Huang, Consultant
Since returning from sunny Malta where she studied tourism management, Claire has been helping expats find homes in Beijing.. We're still wondering why she left the Mediteranean, but then again, Beijing has its charm.

Shane Liu, Problem solver
Rarely in the office, Shane out solving problems. Whether replacing a leaking tap or getting your washing fixed, Shane has the drive and know-how to get things done. When at her desk, Shane's searching the web for better solutions.

July He, Listing controller
Beijing has an open rental market, and with thousands of homes at her fingertips July prepares your viewing schedules. She's a whiz at querying databases and ensuring you see the best homes.

Kathleen Gao, Administrator
Applications, invoices and registrations, that's what Kathleen has on her desk. During your lease, Kathleen's works behind the scenes liaising with your company's HR and finance departments. She's also Lihong's document controller, ensuring all the paperwork is only a mouse-click away.

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