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About Beijing Riviera Villas

Beijing Riviera is a popular well-managed mature expat villa community in the suburbs near Beijing airport. Beijing Riviera has a wide range of family friendly facilities. Beijing Riviera has both individually owned or group owned houses, with the latter providing more comprehensive property management services. Beijing Riviera has a dedicated dog-park. For older children Beijing Riviera is only a 15min bike ride on the quiet back-road to WAB (a major international school).
*Pros: Vibrant family-friendly community with a lot of kids. Beijing Riviera has good on-site amenities. On-site Dulwich kindergarten. Primary school across the road.
*Cons: If house not upgraded, heating and air-conditioning costs at Beijing Riviera can be high. Very high occupancy at Beijing Riviera is pushing house rents up.
*Note: At Beijing Riviera, interior quality and decor style varies from house to house depending on individual owner renovations.

Selection of Homes at Beijing Riviera Villas

Townhouse 3bed 2bath 200sqm RMB20,000-23,000/month

Detached 3+1bed 3bath 240sqm RMB35,000-43,000/month

Detached 4+1bed 3bath 402sqm RMB42,000-62,000/month

Detached 4bed 3bath 294sqm RMB42,000-55,000/month

Detached 4+1bed 3bath 406sqm RMB42,000-62,000/month

Detached 5bed 4bath 464sqm RMB65,000-80,000/month

Detached 3+1bed 3bath 250sqm RMB35,000-50,000/month

This is only a selection of the many homes for lease at Beijing Riviera Villas. For a full list of homes please contact us

Amenities at Beijing Riviera Villas


Indoor Pool

Outdoor Pool

Outdoor Tennis

Commute at Peak Hours

: 15km (45min)
: 28km (75min)
: 7km (25min)
: 10km (30min)
: 12km (40min)
: 8km (25min)
: 15km (45min)
: 4km (15min)
: 5km (15min)
: 12km (40min)
: 10km (30min)
: 5km (15min)
: 1km (5min)

Expat Reviews

Shivali, 13 March 2012

We have lived at Beijing Riviera for over 2 years and are enjoying the experience immensely. We live in a 'C' type house which has a nice, practical layout. The compound is very bright, green and clean with wide roads. The club house is active with a great gymn, pools (indoor and outdoor), tennis courts and two restaurants. There is a Mandarin school (bridge school) inside the compound for those interested in learning the language. This compound is really great for anyone with young kids as it really has a feel of living in a community. The compound has good security and kids can safely move around and play with friends. We are very close to a couple of grocery stores (Jenny lous and DDs) which are biking distant as well a few restaurants/ bakeries etc. It has been a really good experience living here and I would highly recommend it!

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AO, 07 March 2012

We have lived at Riviera for over one year. We chose this area because it's a great family friendly compound, close to WAB and very easy access to airport expressway at Beigao toll, also 2 subway stops close by.

It's well established with experienced management office, few communication difficulties there. Security staff at the gates and around the compound.

Be very careful in your choice of house - individual houses - styles and finishings vary greatly, there are a large number operated by 'Maple Place' and then there are individual landlords. Do consider choosing a house with underfloor heating and double glazing, this is not standard and would highly recommend for Beijing winters. Even maintenance workers have warned us not to use the 'hot air' heating in our house as it is so expensive to run. This seems to be a recurring complaint with neighbours comparing their heating bills. However our company is invoiced directly which is very convenient.

The Clubhouse is laid out on three floors and offers many facilities to include: gym, indoor and outdoor pools, fitness studio, outdoor tennis courts, squash court, supermarket, restaurants, hairdresser, spa, nail salon, ATM. A limited shuttle bus service into the city is offered. There is a very busy social scene with an active residents association offering regular activities e.g. pot luck lunches, progressive dinners, quiz nights etc.

Within easy walking distance (5 mins) is the new shopping area with DD's supermarket, German butcher shop, tailor and gym. The shopping mall is steadily being filled up with new shops/services.

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Alexis Brunel, 30 June 2011

We lived in Beijing Riviera for 1.5 years and had a great time there. I have 4 kids and they always enjoyed it there. It is a very safe place, just maybe cars sometimes go a bit fast inside the compound.

For us, after knowing many of the other compounds where we had friends, we concluded that Beijing Riviera is the best of all.

The only issue may be that the utility costs are significantly higher than the other places.

It has a golf range across the street, two supermarkets very near as well as other stores, a gas station just around the corner and it is very close to the express way, so it is easy and fast to get in and out of there.

The admin office is very efficient and the club house is very good. The gym is fine and the showers are a bit simple, but ok.

The cafeteria is good, a bit slow sometimes but the food is good. The restaurant has a great tepanyaki and the other part of the restaurant has chinese food which is ok.

One of the best things there is that the streets are very wide, other compounds are very narrow and makes it dangerous and complicated for parking.

As per the neighbors we made many friends and had a good time. Everyone was very respectful and we never had a problem with a single neighbor.

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Dave McAtee, 07 March 2009

Beijing Riviera is an extremely well equipped international community in a strategic location, adjacent to Sunnyi/Pinnacle Plaza with immediate access to major highways to airport & downtown. The Riviera Villas are located within a safe & secure gated/guarded facility with adequate amenities and now boasts a state of the art health club. Unfortunately, the location and amenities are provided at significant cost and are accompanied by several deficiencies which I'd suggest make Riviera a poor value. Many of the villas, especially the 3 story Type A & Type B, have an abundance of balconies which exaggerate the square footage as the space is practically uselesswith Beijing's poor air quality and temperature extremes. Beyond size for the money, the Riviera is notorious for calculating energy usage and utility charges on arbitrary basis; combine that with un-insulated exterier walls and single pane windows, monthly utility bills in the winter are often over $1000 (yes U.S. Dollars) even while occupants remain frigid. Tack on the occasional lost receipts and requests for repayments (keep your receipts!!), it gets really expensive to live here. Additionally, a number of the residences (including mine) came with recurring black mold from rising ground water, which service personnel typically remedied with a quick coating of paint or other superficial solution. My recommendation from interaction with numerous long timers in Beijing would be QuanFa across the street, where houses are much bigger and higher quality at a comparable price, with real heat and authentic billing practices. Still the same great location, not to mention use of the Riviera club!!

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Broekhoven Dirk, 15 January 2009

Beijing Riviera is a well managed complex with a lot of facilities.

Located at the outsite the 5th ring you can enjoy some country site still being near the city.

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John and Cherie Brennan, 10 January 2009

We lived in Beijing Riviera (phase 3) for 3 years, 1 year in a "D" type and 2 in a "A" type. We found it a very good place to live and quite convient to both downtown (airport express extrance is just outside the complex), and Pinnacle Plaza. Despite being an older complex the houses are in good condition, and Maple Place (the landlord) was professional and easy to deal with. There is excellent access to schools and plenty of places for pets including 2 dog parks.

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