Fortune Heights


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About Fortune Heights

Luxury apartment development in the heart of Beijing´s CBD, near amenities at Central Park. Interior decor of apartments at Fortune Heights varies.
*Pros: CBD location. Good gym and pool at Grand Millenium.
*Cons: Not a vibrant expat community. Fortune Heights has no garden area. Most apartments have wallpaper and wood paneling.

Selection of Homes at Fortune Heights

Apartment 2bed 2bath 142sqm RMB23,000-25,000/month

Apartment 3bed 2bath 235sqm RMB35,000-38,000/month

Apartment 3+1bed 2bath 305sqm RMB45,000-47,000/month

Duplex 3bed 2bath 350sqm RMB48,000-52,000/month

This is only a selection of the many homes for lease at Fortune Heights. For a full list of homes please contact us

Amenities at Fortune Heights


Indoor Pool

Commute at Peak Hours

: 1km (5min)
: 15km (45min)
: 7km (25min)
: 3km (10min)
: 2km (10min)
: 21km (60min)
: 3km (10min)
: 17km (50min)
: 19km (55min)
: 2km (10min)
: 4km (15min)
: 18km (55min)
: 12km (40min)

Expat Review

Male, living alone, 22 May 2013

Overall, good location.

Just across from Central Park and its collection of eateries and supermarkets.
In the event of inclement weather, the adjacent mall is accessible via an indoor walkway on level 2.
There are nice little touches like remote controlled curtains, and individually lit wardrobes. the lobby is grand and overall, Fortune Heights comes across as polished.
It's sufficiently comfortable to live in.


If you look beyond the grandiose aesthetics, well mannered and attentive front desk staff, small yet complete residents' gym and the well maintained public areas, you will notice some minor imperfections within the apartment itself.

The bathroom's marbled counters stain extremely easily because of Beijing's hard water (high mineral conten)t. There are several design flaws such as inexplicably including a recess near the bath tub that collects water and a shower hose that dredges up dirt from its holder (a hole in the aforementioned recess). During showers the water drains around the perimeter of the bathtub and out onto the bathroom floor. This would not have been a problem had the drainage hole been located just where the water collects, not 2 feet away. i wish i could append images just so you could see what i mean. The bathroom comes with a whirlpool/water jet style bathtub and a TV but these do not distract me from the fact that the bathroom is the most problematic part of the house.

The wooden panelled walls/columns are a nice touch, but they reduce the overall usable floor space. Storage space is severly limited, and there is no wash area/yard for laundry. The kitchen is tiny, just sufficient for someone living alone.

Fortune Heights would be fairly comfortable living if you're a bachelor (like i am) but not that great for families. There are no gardens and wide open spaces and my single room apartment is actually pretty tiny.

It gets pretty damn cold when they turn off the central heating (and the air conditioning's 'heat' mode does not work, at least not for me), so i've spent 2 weeks in late spring sleeping with jeans on.

Fortune Heights is relatively more expensive than the other apartments in the area. Especially when you take into consideration that my single bed room/bath apartment carries a monthly rent that could get you a larger 2 bedder just across the road at Central Park.

My suggestion is you seriously consider Central Park as well. It's a safe choice and you might get a better deal for the same price.

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