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About Lane Bridge

Mid-tier residential community in BeijingĀ“s suburbs, across the road from WAB (one of Beijing&acure; main international schools). Most houses at Lane Bridge are 4-storey including basements. Interior decor at Land Bridge houses vary. Lane Bridge has a basic gym with lap pool. Supermarket and pizzeria at the North gate.
*Pros: WAB proximity and relatively close to the city.
*Cons: Mediocre management. Very basic gym facilities and no outdoor pool. Not a vibrant expat community.
*Note: Lane Bridge houses were sold as bare concrete shells so quality of fittings and decor varies. Some good, others not.

Selection of Homes at Lane Bridge

Townhouse 3+1bed 3bath 296sqm RMB26,000-29,000/month

Semi-D 4bed 4bath 325sqm RMB30,000-32,000/month

Semi-D 4bed 4bath 334sqm RMB30,000-33,000/month

Semi-D 4bed 4bath 338sqm RMB31,000-35,000/month

Semi-D 4bed 4bath 370sqm RMB35,000-38,000/month

This is only a selection of the many homes for lease at Lane Bridge. For a full list of homes please contact us

Amenities at Lane Bridge

Indoor Pool

Outdoor Tennis

Commute at Peak Hours

: 14km (45min)
: 27km (75min)
: 6km (20min)
: 10km (30min)
: 11km (35min)
: 9km (30min)
: 15km (45min)
: 5km (15min)
: 6km (20min)
: 11km (35min)
: 9km (30min)
: 5km (15min)
: 500m (5min)

Expat Reviews

Trish MacNeill , 12 March 2015

My family and I moved to Lane Bridge (105-101 in July 2014 mainly due to its vicinity to WAB where my children were going to school. We had to break our lease and moved out last week to go to another compound, for various reasons-many maintenance issues which meant we could not enjoy peace in our home but mainly because our floor heating was faulty and cost prohibitive to run. In a cold Beijing Winter, heating is very important.
The summary of Lane Bridge is correct. The location is great and the grounds are nice and well maintained. Houses are a bit more modern than many other compounds but vary greatly in style and level of upgrades and heating etc. Management is mediocre and the club facilities are extremely poor.
The gym equipment is outdated, the gym smells musty, has no ventilation or air purifiers and is not enticing to work out in. The pool is ok but the change room and showers are old and due for an upgrade. There are some yoga/exercise classes run by external providers but the club house does nothing to promote or advertise these. If you were to ask at the front desk whether anything is offered they would tell you no. You will only find out this by meeting other people in the compound or through your social network at school etc. As a newcomer, generally you don't know anyone so it can take you a while to work out.
Houses vary greatly and whether you get a good one depends largely on your individual landlord. So choose wisely and get references where you can. Houses generally have a lot of little maintenance issues. This is common everywhere. Not just in Lane Bridge. This can be challenging as very few of the management staff speak English and the maintenance staff do not. When a problem is attended to you are often left wondering what they have done to fix it as a lot is lost in translation. Fixes are often a band aid fix or quite literally with tape or a glue gun, rather than really fixing the problem which means the problem often reoccurs.
All utilities on a prepaid system which quite confusing and I found the system difficult to manage. Due to the floor heating issues I was often running out of electricity and getting cut off. There is supposed to be a notification system where the club house calls you when the level gets low, but more often than not they would forget to call. This left me with no power several times until I could work out my usage based on past data and then managing it by manually checking my meter on a regular basis (weekly, and sometimes daily) and keeping a record in a book.
In summary, due to our very regular maintenance issue we had to leave our house but chose to move to another compound where the club house facilities and management are much better. This means the children and us have better access to cafe, restaurant, general store, post office, restaurants, indoor and outdoor pool, beauty salon, bar, all within the compound and all which Lane Bridge sadly lack.

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JH, 08 April 2014

We moved in in August 2013 and enjoy living here. Very convenient to shops, schools and CBD. The management staff speaks English and is very helpful. Maintenance of the grounds is good and security is strict.

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Wilbur, 04 April 2014

We rented this house in August 2013. We love living here. It is quite convenient to go to CBD area (about 30 min in the morning rush hour, by car). Very close to Wang Jing area where there are plenty of eating options. There is a Jenny Lou and some local market just outside the west gate of the complex so very easy to get your daily staff. Very close to international schools (WAB and Harrow), so our kid will not spend too much time fighting traffic to and from school everyday (this is a great plus for us!)
Staffs are quite friendly and helpful. Security guards are very responsbile so it makes you feel safe living here. We love our south-facing house, as it is very warm in the sunny winter days. The only thing that can be better is that the gym can be updated with newer equipment.

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Nicky S, 09 January 2009

We have lived in Lane Bridge since August 2008. We chose it because it is the closest compound to the city.At first we has some problems with our house, the biggest problems being the smell of the drains, but it has been resolved.
The community is very friendly, with organized walks and a community website.
There is a smart modern Clubhouse with an indoor heated pool and an uptodate exercise room, with good quality equipment. Most of the staff speak English. We can buy electrcity whenever we like, however gas can only be purchased on a Wednesday, so you have to watch the meter.
There is a Jenny Lou Supermarket, Subway, Dominos and Annies within walking distance. We don't have a Shuttle Bus, but you can use the bus from nearby Riviera. The bus goes to the Lido.
The houses are designed like town houses, with 4 floors. Ours feels spacious enough for us with our Teenagers!
Overall I am happy in our Compound, and would recommend it to families with children going to WAB or to schools in the city.

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