Oriental Plaza


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About Oriental Plaza

Four towers of serviced apartments within the Oriental Plaza mall and office complex at Beijing´s main shopping thoroughfare, Wangfujing. The Hyatt hotel is also here.
*Pros: Oriental Plaza is of the few serviced apartments near Tiananmen. Quite well managed.
*Cons: Apartments are very hotel-like. Amenities at Wangfujing are targeted at provincial tourists. No quality amenities besides the Hyatt and adjoining mall. Tropical themed basement pool is dark.

Selection of Homes at Oriental Plaza

Apartment 2bed 2bath 123sqm RMB18,000-20,000/month

Apartment 3bed 2bath 165sqm RMB22,000-24,000/month

Apartment 1bed 1bath 95sqm RMB15,000-17,000/month

Apartment 3bed 2bath 251sqm RMB35,000-38,000/month

This is only a selection of the many homes for lease at Oriental Plaza. For a full list of homes please contact us

Amenities at Oriental Plaza

Indoor Pool

Commute at Peak Hours

: 4km (15min)
: 12km (40min)
: 9km (30min)
: 6km (20min)
: 5km (15min)
: 24km (65min)
: 5km (15min)
: 20km (60min)
: 21km (60min)
: 5km (15min)
: 7km (25min)
: 21km (60min)
: 15km (45min)

Expat Review

Beth Hinton, 04 February 2009

We have lived in Oriental Plaza Tower Apartments for 7 months. The apartments are serviced twice weekly. We have lived in both towers, and moved to Centennial Heights because Millenium Heights didn't have any open kitchens. It is a perfect facility for business people, the club is just amazing. The staff are very helpful and all speak English. I was sick one night, and the staff escorted me to the hospital which I thought was a really nice touch. After, they sent me a huge fruit basket as a get well gift. I guess the only downside is there are not many families living here, it is more of a business oriented place. They do cater for kids however, the children's room is lovely, but is often empty. There is a supermarket in the basement but it is hugely overpriced. You have to travel quite a distance to get to any of the reasonably priced supermarkets. So, in a nutshell - this place is perfect for the business traveller, single person, but not so great for families.

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