Phoenix Town

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About Phoenix Town

Apartment complex located on the Northeast 3rd Ring road, with direct access to BeijingĀ“s Airport Expressway. Wooden floors. Mid-tier fittings.
*Pros: Phoenix Town is by an Airport Express rail station.
*Cons: Aged. Very mediocre management. Few nearby amenities.

Selection of Homes at Phoenix Town

Apartment 1bed 1bath 75sqm RMB6,500-7,500/month

Apartment 3bed 2bath 147sqm RMB13,000-17,000/month

Apartment 3bed 2bath 191sqm RMB15,000-18,000/month

Apartment 2bed 2bath 120sqm RMB9,000-12,000/month

This is only a selection of the many homes for lease at Phoenix Town. For a full list of homes please contact us

Amenities at Phoenix Town


Indoor Pool

Indoor Tennis

Commute at Peak Hours

: 6km (20min)
: 19km (55min)
: 3km (10min)
: 2km (10min)
: 3km (10min)
: 17km (50min)
: 7km (25min)
: 13km (40min)
: 14km (45min)
: 2km (10min)
: 2km (10min)
: 14km (45min)
: 8km (25min)