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About MOMA

Not the museum, but an apartment complex Dongzhimen by BeijingĀ“s 2nd Ring road. MOMA has large child-friendly gardens surrounding a lake. Apartments at MOMA have bright, spacious minimalist layouts. Mechanical blinds block all light. Popular with Beijing´\'s French community due to relative proximity to French School.
*Pros: MOMA has good layouts with large living rooms. Modern minimalist interiors.
*Cons: Mediocre management. Although there\'s an on-site supermarket, amenities are 15mins drive away in Sanlitun. Large construction project next door.

Selection of Homes at MOMA

Apartment 3bed 3bath 245sqm RMB27,000-30,000/month

Apartment 4bed 3bath 305sqm RMB33,000-40,000/month

This is only a selection of the many homes for lease at MOMA. For a full list of homes please contact us

Amenities at MOMA



Indoor Pool

Commute at Peak Hours

: 5km (15min)
: 17km (50min)
: 5km (15min)
: 2km (10min)
: 2km (10min)
: 19km (55min)
: 7km (25min)
: 15km (45min)
: 16km (50min)
: 2km (10min)
: 3km (10min)
: 16km (50min)
: 10km (30min)

Expat Review

Peter Lunding , 11 February 2009

Excellent location, the compound is nice and clean. As surroundings are being renovated - a new park is in progress and the Dongzhimen long distance bus terminal is being redeveloped, the imitate neighborhood is not that exiting.

There are actually still a few problems with the water flow in and out of the sink in the guest bathroom, the water flow in the second sink in the master bathroom, and the third toilet (the sink).

In general, I think that the problems were from the simple fact that the apartment was brand new and that the construction company had done a sloppy job. Should I do it all over (in China), then I would probably take an apartment where someone else had done the hard work of repairing construction flaws.

However, I do like the fact that the apartment is very bright, spacious, and the outside shutters are super efficient.

Apartments are nice and the management is relatively responsive.

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