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About Sanlitun SOHO

SOHO Sanlitun is a new minimalist residential and commercial development in the heart of Sanlitun (Beijing´s diplomatic quarter) with its cafes, restaurants and shopping. Apartments at SOHO Sanlitun have standard (mostly white) furnishings in all apartments matching the modern decor. Wood floor. Some apartments at Sanlitun SOHO have open kitchens.
*Pros: Unique modern minimalist exterior and interior design, arguably Beijing´s most fashionable residence. Excellent Sanlitun location. Standard fit-outs means relatively easy for management to make repairs.
*Cons: Average quality fittings and finish. Not very child-friendly as Sanlitun SOHO is a busy neighbourhood with a lot of retail outlets.

Selection of Homes at Sanlitun SOHO

Apartment 3+1bed 4bath 253sqm RMB30,000-34,000/month

Apartment 3+1bed 4bath 276sqm RMB33,000-38,000/month

Apartment 1+1bed 1bath 121sqm RMB14,000-16,000/month

Apartment 2+1bed 2bath 148sqm RMB18,000-20,000/month

Apartment 2+1bed 2bath 169sqm RMB19,000-22,000/month

Apartment 3+1bed 4bath 237sqm RMB29,000-33,000/month

Apartment 1bed 1bath 108sqm RMB13,000-15,000/month

Apartment 3bed 3bath 193sqm RMB27,000-30,000/month

This is only a selection of the many homes for lease at Sanlitun SOHO. For a full list of homes please contact us

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Commute at Peak Hours

: 3km (10min)
: 16km (50min)
: 6km (20min)
: 2km (10min)
: 500m (5min)
: 20km (60min)
: 4km (15min)
: 16km (50min)
: 18km (55min)
: 1km (5min)
: 2km (10min)
: 17km (50min)
: 11km (35min)

Expat Reviews

Michael Levy, 22 August 2014

My family has lived in Sanlitun SOHO for 7 months. The location is excellent, but the building quality is quite poor. In addition, there is constant renovation construction since so many of the owners use these apartments as second homes. We have had extraordinarily loud construction going on for all seven months, often late into the evening. The building management does nothing to help. If you don't mind a lot of noise and want a great location, this is a good choice. But if you want any sort of peace in your home, look elsewhere.

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ED, 14 July 2014

Centrally located with easy access to Beijing's largest area of restaurants, bars, and nightlife.

10min walk from next subway station, well known by taxi drivers, hard to get a taxi from Sanlitun SOHO during rush hours.

Building / Apartment:
Modern apartments, good insulation / AC / heating, friendly and helpful reception staff. Do not expect high quality standard of sanitation systems / kitchen / wall painting.

Access to parks / Facilities:
No park nearby, for outdoor activities need to travel outside Beijing during weekends. Good gym a the complex with convenient opening hours. Maintenance of the gym is ok (sometimes run out of towels).

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Stefania Stafutti, 19 April 2013

Very convenient for everyday life (shops and supermarkets very close), very quiet in spite of the fact it is located in the over crowded Sanlitun. No swimming pool or sport facilities, which are anyway available at short distance. Excellent management.

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Adam, 30 March 2012

Great architecture. Unbeatable location. Terrible quality of finishings. Very few of the owners are renting out or living in their properties, therefore feels somewhat deserted. Management not high quality. STILL no gym even though management have been promising it will be open soon for almost 18 months.

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Very happy in sanlitun soho, 09 January 2012

My partner & I moved into Sanlitun Soho approximately 2 months ago.
It is early days, but here are our thoughts so far for others thinking of moving in here:

We absolutely love our apartment & we are very picky designer types!
The layout of the apartment is excellent, with loads of storage & the design & furnishings are great. We looked at about 10 different apartments in the complex & the units with full height windows seem much more spacious & light than those with half height windows.
It is quite minimalist & white [especially by other Chinese apartment standards], but is still warm through the use of timber flooring & furnishings. The build quality of the unit is ok & as it is still very new, generally wear & tear is pretty minimal.

The location is great - though it is a little far from our work. There are many great restaurants, bar's, shops & supermarkets in the area.
The line 1 to line 10 transfer on the subway is disastrous. Instead we walk or taxi it down the road to Dongsi Shitiao & take line 2 to line 1 - this way you can keep your limbs/sanity.
Taxi's are usually ok to catch, though best to avoid the very busy main intersection of Sanlitun Village for pick up's & drop off's, it can take 10 mins to just turn the corner.

The ladies & gents at reception are very friendly, & their English is fair for standard things, which is way better than our Chinese!
We have had a few minor issues with the actual apartment - most have been sorted out promptly by building management, though our second bathroom smells of cigarette smoke, especially so in the mornings, & we were told by building maintenance they couldn't smell it! I suspect this one is in the too hard basket, & related to a possible fault in the installation of a mechanical ventilation damper, so now we just shut the door to keep it contained.

We really wish there was a gym in the complex - the nearest one we know of being the Pacific Century Club, which is a 5-10 min walk away - so there goes the incentive in winter.
There is no playing area or other facilities for kids I know of - so this complex would probably not suit families very well. I think you can bike park in the basement - this is yet to be investigated.
There is a 24 hour chemist in the complex & a dry cleaners.

As a final note, we were having all sorts of dramas with other real estate agents when I spoke to an agent at Li Hong. Even though we were too far down the track [almost at a signed contract with another realtor/landlord], the very kind agent from Li Hong helped us with some general advice regarding contracts, even though there wasn't anything in it for them, & we were so appreciative.
As a result I would suggest anyone seeking an estate agent, to give Li Hong a call. If we were to move, I would definitely contact them.

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Jeff, 18 July 2011

The biggest mistake I made when I moved to Beijing was moving into SOHO Sanlitun Apartments.

The apartments are appealing but the workmanship is poor and they are overpriced. Despite what you may see on the internet there is no club and most of the shops are still vacant. There are several issues but by far the worst problem is the building managers.

None of the concierges speak English. Very few of the office staff speaks English. Complaints are not followed up on. Even when you complain about this no one responds to you. I have escalated complaints all the way to the Building Supervisor with no response. They just don't care.

They offer several services then never deliver them. For example you can’t catch a taxi from reception. We have tried numerous times but when you ask the concierge to call one security won’t flag them down for you and send them to reception. They offer to pay utility bills every week. We tried on several occasions and each time they didn’t pay anything and just returned our money and utility cards.

They are also supposed to read your electricity metre every week and give each tenant the reading. In 7 months despite more than half a dozen requests and complaints they have done this once. It’s a big issue as we were paying on average 1000 RMB per month in electricity for a 2 bedroom apartment. That’s equivalent to 400% more than the average Beijing high income earner average electricity usage. We had our power disconnect several times and had months of fighting this and attempting to get a resolution, without success. The Building Managers just kept telling us we use our air conditioner too much. When we showed them high daily usage rates whilst the apartment was vacant and we were on holidays they just ignored it. I could write pages and pages of similar issues but I think you get the picture. If you want service your not going to find it here.

The Sanlitun area is very exciting and dynamic but it is also very dangerous. Surf the net and also look up advisories from the embassies and you will get a pretty good idea. Not a place for children, families or lone females.

After 7 months we had enough and terminated our lease. We are going to Central Park. Probably should have went there in the first place.

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