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About Seasons Park

Seasons Park is located between Sanlitun (BeijingĀ“s diplomatic quarter) and Dongzhimen. These mid-tier apartments offer good recreational facilities including both indoor and outdoor pools. Very high occupancy.
*Pros: Seasons Park is close to Sanlitun and Workers\' Stadium. Child friendly garden with good facilities.
*Cons: Mediocre management. Bedrooms relatively small. Outdoor pool not always open. Electronic lock systems fail if left unused so best to use physical key.
*Note: At Seasons Park, bathroom and kitchen fittings are standard, but in other rooms quality of fit-out and decor varies greatly.

Selection of Homes at Seasons Park

Apartment 2bed 2bath 98sqm RMB13,000-14,500/month

Apartment 2bed 2bath 120sqm RMB15,000-17,000/month

Apartment 3bed 2bath 151sqm RMB18,000-20,000/month

Apartment 3bed 2bath 202sqm RMB28,000-32,000/month

Apartment 4bed 2bath 245sqm RMB30,000-36,000/month

This is only a selection of the many homes for lease at Seasons Park. For a full list of homes please contact us

Amenities at Seasons Park



Indoor Pool

Outdoor Pool

Commute at Peak Hours

: 3km (10min)
: 16km (50min)
: 5km (15min)
: 2km (10min)
: 1km (5min)
: 20km (60min)
: 5km (15min)
: 16km (50min)
: 17km (50min)
: 1km (5min)
: 3km (10min)
: 17km (50min)
: 11km (35min)

Expat Review

Anna, 01 March 2010

Seasons Park offers the best of location in terms of an apartment in Beijing, you can get just about anywhere less than a 15 minute drive-- the only exception is the airport, which is only 25 minutes away. Major destinations include: the CBD is only 15 minutes away, Lido 15 minutes, Sanlitun 3 minutes, Houhai 10 minutes, etc. Seasons Park has some unique features, firstly, it feels isolated with its beautiful grounds, lovely flower trees and attractive clubhouse; however, it's right in the middle of a neighborhood. There are 2 elevators for only 3 apartments per floor. Actually, I liked this place so much, I've never been able to think about moving to another apartment in over 5 years. I lucked out with a well decorated unit, and I think this could be one of the draw backs of Seasons Park, some of the units might have rather garish decoration. But, the 90, 120 and 155 sqm layouts are all more efficient in terms of design than most places in Beijing. A 155 sqm Seasons Park apt feels larger than the equivalent at Central Park. The only other compounds that compete with Seasons Park are Park Apartments, Central Park and Park Avenue-- and in this case Seasons Park wins for location and has a nicer park than any of those. However, Park Apartments and Park Avenue have nicer kitchens. Overall, I would still choose Seasons Park again. It's like the undiscovered jewel-- oh, and it has international management by Jones Lang LaSalle. Another nice feature is the floor to ceiling windows in all the main rooms-- no balconies though.

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