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About Yosemite Villas

Beijing´s Yosemite is not a park, but a very popular expat villa community located right next to ISB (Beijing´s American school) and also the British School. Houses at Yosemite have a range of house styles. The stylish courtyard inspired homes have unique exteriors. The more conventional American style houses offer plenty of space and include sky-lit spiral stairways. Yosemite has excellent club and recreational facilities, probably one of the best in Beijing.
*Pros: Yosemite is across the road from ISB and British School. On-site kindergarten. Tasteful exteriors in C-section. Excellent club and gym facilities.
*Cons: High utility costs. Drainage at garage door and terraces must not be blocked to avoid flooding risk. Basements require constant de-humidifiers. Yosemite is one of Beijing´s 3 most popular expat residential communities. *Note: Yosemite houses were sold as bare concrete shells so interior decor and fitting quality varies. Some good, others less so.

Selection of Homes at Yosemite Villas

Townhouse 4bed 3bath 356sqm RMB40,000-45,000/month

Semi-D 4+1bed 4bath 389sqm RMB43,000-48,000/month

Semi-D 4+1bed 4bath 447sqm RMB45,000-53,000/month

Detached 4bed 5bath 463sqm RMB55,000-60,000/month

Detached 4+1bed 3bath 468sqm RMB55,000-60,000/month

Apartment 3bed 2bath 166sqm RMB20,000-22,000/month

Apartment 4bed 3bath 230sqm RMB26,000-30,000/month

This is only a selection of the many homes for lease at Yosemite Villas. For a full list of homes please contact us

Amenities at Yosemite Villas

Indoor Pool

Outdoor Pool

Indoor Tennis

Outdoor Tennis

Commute at Peak Hours

: 19km (55min)
: 33km (85min)
: 12km (40min)
: 15km (45min)
: 17km (50min)
: 6km (20min)
: 20km (60min)
: 6km (20min)
: 500m (5min)
: 16km (50min)
: 15km (45min)
: 1km (5min)
: 6km (20min)

Expat Reviews

JM, 24 May 2013

We like Yosemite B a lot. The maintenance is superb. The other staff is superb. Our landlord is superb. The only thing I would say, coming as an American Expat, is there aren't many Expats in our neighborhood. Whomever lives around us never leaves their home so we never see our neighbors.

We somewhat feel isolated. I know that Yosemite C is much more conducive to Expat life. Sometimes we wished we lived there...however...we did not like the houses there. So, it's all give and take. My husband and I have discussed it A LOT and we think, we made the right choice. Since our children are always at school for sports activities it is IMPERATIVE that we live close. Thus far it has worked well for us (except for the making friends from neighbors scenario).

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Veronique saunier, 23 November 2012

We have lived in Yosemite C section for 6 months and I cant wait to get out of it. our house is built with substandard material and requires maintenance and repair literally everyday. it would be bearable if the landlady was cooperative, but she is not and the management is absolutely hopeless. it is sad to see so much potential9creative architecture, convenient location) being wasted because of laxism and greed.

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Luc Charpentier, 07 June 2011

The villas are nice, but the management company leaves a lot to be desired...
The level of spoken English is minimal. We were lucky to have an excellent landlord who spoke English.
When you leave, you will have to leave a deposit for the next utilities bill...be prepared to kiss that money goodbye!

The management company will not transfer it to your account...Being still in Beijing I came back to get it, but I was told it took 3 signatures and the managers were not there to sign...I was then promised a transfer in my bank account but it never materialize. I guess it went into someone's pocket!

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Lars M. Jensen, 13 January 2009

We have lived in Yosemite C section for almost 3 years. Only 3 months in one house and the rest, since June 2006 in a C5 semi detatched and we have enjoyed it very much. Having a good landlord is the most important. We have such today. We moved into C section whilst many houses were still under construction. Today the section seems pretty filled up. We chose Yosemite because of the building stile, which, depending on the interior, can be very light and open. Quality of the houses again depend on the owner, so watch out that the necessary repairs have been done before you move in. The fundamental construction is not the best and there has been some issues with flooding of basements in the rainy season, but big canals have now been digged in all street. This will undoubedly help. The basements can also get humid in the summer and a dehumidifier (and a strong one) is essential. Management office is after a slow start getting better. Still quite some language issues for us with no major Chinese skills. But when we ask for assistance, the Management Office is quick to show up, although solving the issue may take longer. The Clubhouse is good and active to make arrangements. Very good Gym and both indoor and outdoor pool - nice. Many families with children live here as just opposite to ISB. A Jenny Luo shop just outside the gate. Otherwise short distance to day to day stores and restaurants. Security at the gate is reasonable ok, but the young security guards in the streets do not really interfere in late evening noice and construction during weekends. Fortunately less and less construction. All in all we have been very happy living here. The surroundings are good and all is easily accessible, but watch out for the individual property construction standards and repairs.

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Steve Macbeth, 08 January 2009

We lived at Yosemite C section for a little over 18 months. From 2007 through 2008.

The quality of construction is quite good, it is a little hit and miss though, each unit has its own standard, the place we had was OK.

We had many problems with HVAC in our place, which I think is quite common through-out Beijing/China. The systems are very complex and difficult to get balanced, once working properly they can be very finicky. This was definitely one of the most frustrating parts.

The club house is very nice looking, with great amenities, but the management company is a little clueless. They keep making random changes without any clear direction. I think that thinks will likely get better as they get more feedback and settle in, but it has taken a long time to see any progress.

The spa is amazing, although was closed for renovations when we left in summer of 2008, I assume it is opened again. The prices were a little high for Beijing standards, but the service and facilities were great.

We really enjoyed living in Yosemite and after extensive searching in Beijing think that it is definitely one of the A housing complexes.

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