The two largest international schools are WAB and ISB. Both are private non-profit community schools and are located in the Shunyi suburbs. ISB is the main American school while WAB has a greater mix of nationalities. There are also three British schools, Dulwich, Harrow and British School. The French, German and Canadian schools are in the city while the Japanese is in the Lido area, at the outskirts of the city. The schools have bus services serving all expat properties.

It's important that you register your children as soon as you confirm your relocation to Beijing. Waiting lists develop quickly but if you register 4-5 months before moving, you'll be quite sure of securing a place for your child. Fees vary, but are comparable to non-subsidised private education in europe or the US.

We integrate school visits into the property inspection program. Tell us which schools you'd like to visit and also your childrens' dates of birth. We'll then set up the appointments for you.

Here's a list of Beijing's international schools:

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