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Groceries are catered for at Jenny Lou's, an 8-store chain with outlets at major expatriate clusters. The Henan brother & sister have come a long way since their fruit & vegetable stall on Sanlitun. Good service (all staff are from their village) and a well-stocked selection of western groceries have been their success formula. Stocking varies depending on clientele. For example, Chaoyang Park and Shunyi stores have wide ranges of imported Western food while the Ritan outlet stocks Russian specialties. Meat-lovers get their cuts at Schindlers, a butcher started by ex staff from the East German embassy. They've since opened two German restaurants where the menu is traditional carnivorous fare.

Organic vegetables can be bought at Carrefour, the China World basement supermarket and at Shunyi's Pinnacle Plaza. Jenny Lou's at Chaoyang Park and Shunyi stock organic milk. They also stock some packaged organic foods. The basement supermarket at The Place stocks organic teething rusks and baby food. For baby supplies, get hold of theĀ  print catalogue and order by phone (perhaps with your Ayi's help) for next-day delivery and payment. They carry a wide range of Avent products including breast pumps and milk-storage boxes. Pampers' and Johnsons' wipes sell at less than most supermarkets. Incidentally, Leyou also carry a decent range of Fisher Price and Lego Duplo products. We have yet to find disposable breast-milk storage bags in Beijing so bring them from home.

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