Most Landlords in Beijing accept tenants with pets - this is the home of the Pekinese. But all pets must be licenced and are not allowed in public parks. A problem if you live in the city and have an active Jack Russel. Suburban Shunyi has the friendliest pet environment. Beijing Riviera even has a dedicated dog-park. Pets with head-heights over 35cm may not reside within the 4th Ring road. Some tenants ignore this ruling. Do so at your peril. Most rule-breakers are Beijingers and have second homes for their petsin the event of a crackdown.

It's important that your pet has all relevant vaccinations prior to arrival and that documents are stamped, not just signed. We recommend that you use a professional pet relocation firm to assist with clearance at the airport. To avoid quarantine, we advise letting the Beijing side review copies of all required documents prior to your departure. The authorities here are strict. For example, stamps (not just signatures) are required for all documents. If you have any questions, or need help with pet relocation, just let us know.

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