Lease Process

Tenant's prefer professionally managed properties. Lihong's affordable management service will give you peace of mind while we take care of your property.

Free valuation report

Contact us to schedule a free valuation of your property. We inspect your property and assess the potential rent. We also provide a free report outlining how you might be able to improve your property making it more attractive for higher rent tenants.

Service agreement

To avail of our services, we sign an agreement specifying the terms of our services in managing your property.


We profile your property on our website with photographs and floor plan. We share this information with other realtors in the city to ensure your property gets maximum exposure.


We're there to open the door at each viewing, making sure your property is in optimal condition. Viewings can be conducted by appointment any day of the week.

Suitable tenant

Our clients are high-end private and corporate tenants from top companies around the world.

Letter of intent

We outline the main terms of an eventual lease in a Letter of Intent. This is used as a communication tool to ensure that both the tenant and you are clear about the main terms of the lease.

Tenancy agreement

We draft the agreement for the lease which is to be signed by the tenant and you.


We use affordable quality tradesmen to make sure all repairs???. You will be informed of any problems including the estimated cost prior to any work being carried out. Note that you can use Lihong's services even if your property is not rented through Lihong.

Renovations and furnishings

If any renovations need to be carried out, we assist you with appointing a quality contractor. We keep you updated with reports and photos. If furniture or appliances need to be purchased, we can assist you with purchasing the right kind of quality items at favourable prices. To lease out your property at a good rent, it's important that your property's interiors is in a style that most tenants feel comfortable in. We know what style of furnishings and renovations most tenants prefer and can assist you with the selection.

Pre move-in Check

Prior to the move in day, we do a final check of your property to ensure everything is in order and there's no delay in the move in. We check the inventory and utilities to ensure a smooth move-in. We also assist you in applying for telephone and internet connections.


The tenant signs an inventory list, also documenting the utility meters. We show the tenant how everything works and how bills are paid, thus ensuring a smooth lease. If problems occur, the tenant calls our Support Services number. Lastly, we assist the tenant in registering his lease with the Police.


We are there at check-out to do an inventory check and help the tenant settle all utilities. We also assess any damage on your behalf. You receive a full report including photos. We the provide another free valuation report outlined above.