Tips for Landlord

When decorating your property, learn from high-end hotel chains. The key is to choose simple, clean lined styles that are easy to maintain. Choose good quality local materials. Avoid expensive imports. To ensure that you get a maximum return on investment, plan to repaint once every 2-3 years and replace the furniture every 4-5 years. If renovating, make sure you do a thorough test including appliances, full electrical loads, taps and drainage. Do not pay your contractor until you have done a thorough test.

Walls and ceilings

Choose white or light neutral colours. Avoid wallpaper as many tenants do not like it, is expensive, may peel and is difficult to patch if damaged. Avoid wood or fabric panelling. For small touch-ups, remember to store a small tin of each colour of paint you use.


Choose wooden floors. Most tenants prefer lighter woods with a natural grain. Avoid carpets. If your floors are heated, stone floors may be acceptable.


Choose simple modern warm lights. Avoid yellow lights and decorative chandeliers with crystal and gold.


Choose light neutral colours similar to curtains found in hotel rooms. In bedrooms, add black-outs.


Avoid expensive imported appliances as there will be problems repairing it. For villas and large apartments make sure you buy a separate clothes dryer and that the washing machine can handle at least a 5kg load. For the warranty, remember to keep copies of the Fapiao.


Choose neutral colours. Make sure the counter-top is at least 1.2m high. A full-sized oven will make your property more attractive to potential tenants. At villas and larger apartments install a dishwasher and a large fridge and freezer, preferably with an American style double-door.


If your master bathroom is spacious install a bathtub. In smaller bathrooms, a shower niche will do. Be careful of leaking taps and poor drainage outlets.


Choose styles similar to those at Dara and Leslie. Avoid strong colours. If it's a villa, try not to fully furnish it as many tenants have their own furniture.


Make sure your steps are not slippery and that the banisters are sturdy.

Interior Decorators

Most of our tenants are from Europe or the US. Make sure your decorator has experience in decorating in a style they find attractive. If you're not sure about styles, check the photos on our website, or give us a call. Beware of interior decorators who pressure you to buy expensive imported materials.


Your property will have to be cleaned thoroughly before the tenant moves in. Besides all rooms, the cleaner should clean the stove, fridge, oven, extractor filters and air-conditioning filters. Do not pay the cleaner until you have done a thorough check on the work done. Remember to also to check hidden corners and the top of door-frames for dust. The curtains must also be dry-cleaned. Construction debris should also be removed. If you have a lawn, remember to remove cement debris to ensure your grass grows properly.